• Mental Health Journalism

  • Mental Health Journalism brings nuanced insights to spotlight mental health conditions and resilience in displacement. Our journalism here is aimed at creating a global network of trained storytellers spotlighting hidden, forgotten or overlooked issues within displacement crises to show how the universal truths of endurance, hope, fear, loss and grief affect people during and in the aftermath of crises. Reportage addresses trauma, but looks deeper at the complexity of mental health issues, its impacts, and those seeking to heal and build resilience.


    Our programme will also consist of delivering workshops and training for new and established journalists and multi-media reporters to raise awareness on mental health issues in and around crises, including the ethical and moral implications of reportage on displaced communities and aid workers.


    Accounting for those on both sides of the lens, our workshops also cover concerns over moral injury faced by journalists more recently covering the refugee crisis since 2015.


    We are presently brainstorming with experts on creating a standardised guide on the mental health impact of journalism in some of the most reported displacement crises of today. The guide is being produced to ensure greater awareness on, responsibility for, and constructive steps to reduce the risk of retraumatization and longer-term implications when groups fleeing crises come into contact with the world’s media.


    Mental Health Journalism is aimed at journalists, photographers, podcasters, and videographers who are native to the countries we are covering or those who have extensive knowledge working within the displacement contexts of conflict, disasters, climate change, statelessness, development and Indigenous trauma.



  • Drawing the Times

    Drawing the Times aims to be a front runner in publishing non-fiction visual stories and convince its readers of the importance of visual literacy.We believe that graphic journalism has great potential. Visual language is universal. It can play an important role in connecting people who work in all kinds of disciplines worldwide, like artists, journalists, scientists, teachers, developers, decision-makers and many more.

    Mariana Reyes

    Mariana Reyes is a Colombian documentary photographer living in Bogotá. Her work is based on the documentation of indigenous communities in Colombia, especially the Tikunas indigenous from the Amazon rainforest, and to whom she has devoted seven years of work. She also works portraying the social conditions that come as a result of this country’s longstanding internal conflict.

    Sunniva Rose

    Sunniva Rose is a journalist based in Beirut. She works for local and international media such as Le Figaro, Deutsche Welle, and L’Orient-Le Jour. She studied journalism at Sciences Po in Paris and speaks English, French and Arabic.

    Patrick Wilcoq

    Self-taught artist photographer for the last 25 years, Patrick Wilcoq uses art photography to offer a different image of the Congo and Africa in general, and go beyond images of war which media tend to focus on.

    Patrick is currently based between Hong Kong, Paris and Kinshasa.




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